Chris Janson

Chris Janson

A young country music songwriter and performer is set to bring “Good Vibes” to Salem.

Chris Janson, whose latest single, “Good Vibes,” is also his first No. 1 country radio airplay single on the Billboard chart, headlines Salem Civic Center on Friday. The single hit the top spot two weeks ago and was No. 6 among sales, downloads and streaming songs, according to

It’s not his first trip to the radio top 10 lists. “Drunk Girl” went to No. 7 last year. “Fix a Drink” peaked at No. 2 in 2017. “Buy Me a Boat” was No. 3 two years before that. At least five other songs got significant play, as well, according to Billboard.

“Good Vibes” had the good timing to peak the week his new album, “Real Friends,” dropped. The disc features 13 songs that Janson co-wrote.

Grand Ole Opry member Janson hit NBC’s “Today” and “Ellen” in the days after his big news, according to information at his website.

Opening the show is Clare Dunn, who complements her singing with some stinging guitar work.

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