William Russell Wallace

William Russell Wallace

Ten years have passed since Roanoke indie band the Wading Girl split up. It’s been five years since that band’s Billy Wallace performed in his old musical home base.

Wallace returns to Roanoke on Sunday for a show at The Spot on Kirk, having been through some major changes.

Wallace, a Cincinnati native now based in Southern California, has a new album, “Dirty Soul.” In an email exchange, he said he wrote the album in rehab. He now uses the name William Russell Wallace, and said he is 18 months sober.

“Dirty Soul” contains 10 tracks of hard folk-rock, blues and ballads from an introspective wordsmith.

Songwriting is not all that Wallace has been up to. According to bio info on his Soundcloud page, he received an MFA in fiction from the University of Montana, and won the 2018 Yemassee Prize in Fiction. He’s working on a novel.

“Dirty Soul” is his third album since the Wading Girl.

Show opener Marshall Hicks, best known of late as drummer for Virginia Electric, has his own repertoire of original music.

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