Mary Ocher is not shy about audience interaction.

In a 2014 YouTube video embedded at her website, Ocher listens to a Hamburg, Germany, audience chatter for a bit, then shushes the crowd, which does not obey.

“If you don’t shut up, I will murder you,” she deadpans before removing her jacket and strapping on a guitar.

The two-chord intro that follows completely drowns out the talkers. Her next words: “We need a lot more volume.” A sound tech complies. And the show is on. That’s how a self-styled “outsider torch singer” outsider torch sings.

Ocher brings her avant-pop, anti-establishment and highly visual show to The Spot on Kirk for a Wednesday headlining set. The prolific Doug Cheatwood does a one-off, live debut of his latest solo album, “Wild Dreams.” Former Sad Cobras member Paige “Deedraye Halliston” Hodges, newly returned from Alaska, debuts her new project, Mtn Pass, with Sam Lunsford, Jonathan Woods and Daniel Cundiff backing her.

Ocher, from Berlin, Germany, via Israel and Russia, in 2017 released “The West Against the People,” which she accompanied with an intriguing sociopolitical essay. Four of the songs, including the jarring “My Executioner” and “Authority’s Hold,” feature the two-drummer battery called Your Government, which will accompany her at The Spot. Hear them together on the video for “To the Light,” at

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