Five Roanokers recently found themselves on the same voyage in southeast Alaska on the American Cruise Line Constellation. As Jim and Noel Cosby boarded ship in Juneau, they met the Navigation Mate, Kirk McGeorge. Seeing their name tags denoting their residence in Roanoke, McGeorge observed that he was born in Roanoke and graduated from Cave Spring High School.

Later in the voyage, the Cosbys met Nannette and Michael Gagliostro from the Hardy area of Roanoke County. They had lived in the Cave Spring area for 12 years prior to that and 44 years in Roanoke County.

McGeorge attended Ferrum College and served in the U.S. Navy for six years, much of it on the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. He has worked in the maritime industry 43 years and for American Cruise Lines for two of those. He has sailed his own boat around the world two times and more recently served as a pilot/technician for Triton Submarines, LLC with whom he made an exploratory dive to the SS Titanic wreckage over 14,000 feet deep in the North Atlantic.

Nannette Gagliostro was a special education teacher and counsellor for 30-plus years and is now retired from Roanoke City Schools. Michael Gagliostro is retired from TMEIC and GE after serving 42 years as an Electrical Engineer. Noel Cosby is retired from a career as a high school teacher, a guide at Monticello, and 20 years with the Internal Revenue Service ending as a revenue agent. Jim Cosby was born in Roanoke and graduated from Jefferson High School. He served five years in the submarine service of the U.S. Navy and seven more in the Naval Reserve. He retired from the U.S. Department of Justice as a trial attorney in the bankruptcy area.

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