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David L. Armstrong said traveling with his grandchildren, and wife, Connie, “was a true blessing.”

My wife Connie and I enjoy visiting our National Parks. We’re very intentional about introducing our children and grandchildren to these magnificent national treasures.

This summer we took our three youngest grandchildren, Addison, Henley and Danford, on a 12-day road trip to Colorado. Our destination was Rocky Mountain National Park. I’d prepared an itinerary with interesting places to visit each day of the long drive. I wanted to make it fun for all of us so I gave the grandchildren some options and let them know that I was open to their suggestions.

They made great choices. The oldest, Addison, suggested barbecue when we passed through Kansas City. She used her cell phone to guide us to Slap’s Kansas City BBQ. We loved it. Then she guided us to KC’s spectacular Union Station.

They picked “The Archway” a historical exhibit that spans Interstate 80 at Kearney, Nebraska. In Colorado, after seeing the Park, they asked to visit Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City. We crossed the huge gorge in a gondola 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River and walked back across the highest bridge in the United States.

Sharing adventures like this with our grandchildren is a true blessing.

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