I attend St. James Episcopal church here in Roanoke, while my older daughter goes to Temple Beth Or in Raleigh, North Carolina. She and her family live in Cary, a rapidly growing suburb some 10-15 miles outside of Raleigh. My daughter heads a task force at Temple Beth Or to create a satellite campus in Cary.

I recently attended Rosh Hashanah services with her. The Sunday evening services were held in Raleigh. But the Monday morning services were held both in Raleigh and at a Presbyterian church in Cary for the convenience of those living in the suburbs. My daughter was entrusted with a key to the church to open doors, clear off the altar, and in general get it ready for Jewish services.

When it was time, I retrieved my 11-year-old grandson from the children’s room and marched him into the sanctuary. He looked at the large cross affixed to the wall behind the altar and said, “I guess the ‘T’ stands for ‘Temple.’”

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