Gallery 202 Studios in downtown Roanoke will greet visitors making the rounds on Friday’s Art by Night tour with a show painted by the studios’ youngest member.

“Coloring Inside the Lines” isn’t 21-year-old Patrick Callaway’s first solo show, but it’s the largest to date, with 50 oil paintings, almost all of them portraits. “I was pumping out a lot of portraits and I was messing around with different colors and it just kind of came to be,” he said.

Regarding the curation of the show, “this is his artistic endeavor all the way around,” said Roanoke painter Margaret Sue Turner Wright, who coordinates the monthly Art by Night promotions and manages Gallery 202.

Callaway received heavy duty praise from former Gallery 202 member C.J. Sparks Phillips, a well-established Roanoke artist who makes surreal, striking assemblages using recycled wood and found objects.

“I think the large cities would love to have his work,” Phillips said. “He’s probably one of the most talented artists in Roanoke. He’s always known what his goals are. I’m very proud of him.”

Originally from Fredericksburg, Callaway and his mother moved to Roanoke in 2013 to live near his uncle’s family. “It’s really beautiful here and we were just kind of drawn to it,” he said.

A William Byrd High School graduate, he studied in the arts program at Burton Center for Arts and Technology for three years. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University for a semester, but decided a classroom environment didn’t suit him. “I kind of learn better on my own.”

He works a part time job while spending at least 40 hours a week in his Gallery 202 studio. He also teaches classes in the Gallery 202 Atelier program. In September, he’ll be offering Thursday night classes in painting color values at $100 for three sessions. For more information email

Other Gallery 202 artists such as painters Susan Bradbury, Karen Carter and Wright offer classes that range in price from $10 a session to $220 for multiple sessions. (Carter also offers piano lessons.) For more information email or call 798-1299.

The Art by Night tours take place the first Friday evening of each month. At present the participating venues are Gallery 202 (206 Market Square S.E.), Aurora Studio Center (110 Campbell Ave. S.W.), The Little Gallery (301 Market Street S.E.), Alexander Heath Contemporary (425 Campbell Ave. S.W.), Studio 303 (303 Market Street S.E., Suite 2B), The Market Gallery (23 Salem Ave. S.E.), LinDor Arts (306 1st Street SW), Liminal Station (11 Jefferson Street S.W.) and the Taubman Museum of Art (110 Salem Ave. S.E.).

Usually the venues host opening receptions for new shows during the tour. Callaway’s takes place 5 to 9 p.m., and his show will remain on display through Aug. 30.

Mike Allen writes the Arts & Extras column for The Roanoke Times. The beat he covers includes visual art, classical music, opera, theater, dance, literature, museums and other arts and cultural nonprofits, and things even more eclectic.

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