The Virginia Museum of Transportation has added two extra passenger cars to the excursion rides happening June 13-14 and July 3-5 that will be pulled by the restored Norfolk & Western Class J 611 steam locomotive.

The June 13-14 rides on The Cavalier leave from Lynchburg at 7:30 p.m., turn around at Petersburg with a two hour layover, then return to Lynchburg at 6:30 p.m.

The six July 3-5 leave from Roanoke. Morning trips on The Powhatan Arrow go to Lynchburg and back, while afternoons on The Pelican entail round trips to Radford.

All the coach seats on all eight excursions sold out before the museum chose to add more cars.

I won't call this another shot at getting cheap seats, because at $89 a seat, those tickets aren't cheap at all. They do, however, offer train lovers another chance to ride behind a historic engine designed and built in Roanoke.

For more information, call 342-5670 or 797-2666 or visit

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