Our Local Businesses
Need Your Support

To say these are strange times is a tremendous understatement. Here at
Laker Weekly we understand that people are apprehensive during these
uncertain days. We also know what folks are made of around here, and
that we will come through the other side of this stronger than ever before.
We take our role of bringing you timely information and connecting you
with your communities extremely seriously, and pledge to continue to do
just that.
Local businesses are a linchpin of our community, and they need the
support of their loyal customers now more than ever. Buy Local is a new
partnership connecting us to these vitally important local businesses
through an online marketplace.
Purchasing a gift card through this marketplace provides local businesses
a timely boost, while giving you the flexibility to shop at a later date
or through their online Ecommerce. These local businesses need this
important revenue to help them through this difficult time.
Special thanks go to the sponsors of this initiative so that there are no
setup fees for any local business.

#WeAreAllInThisTogether • #StrongerTogetherSML • #WeShopLocalSMLVirtually

Every little bit helps right now. So check out our Buy Local
page to see who is offering gift cards by visiting the link below.
As always, thanks for reading, stay safe, and stay strong,
Andy Bruns, Publisher, Laker Weekly

PO BOX 2491, ROANOKE, VA 24010


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