PUBLIC NOTICE OF UNSAFE BUILDING Property: 525 Stone Street, NE, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Parcel ID # 010397 Dear Property Owner(s): Notice is being issued pursuant to Christiansburg Town Code Sections 10-54, et seq., and Section 106.4 of the Virginia Maintenance Code that an unsafe, derelict, and dilapidated structure exists on the Property, which constitutes a public health and safety hazard and a nuisance to the community. The Property Owner is hereby notified and required to commence repair immediately or complete demolition of the building by August 1, 2019. If no action is taken, the Town of Christiansburg will demolish the building and place a lien on the Property for the cost of the demolition. The Property Owner has the right to appear before the Town Council by giving written notice to the Town Manager within 10 days or July 18, 2019, that such a hearing is desired. A copy of the full text of this Notice is available at the Building Inspections Office at the Town of Christiansburg. For further information contact: Jerry B. Heinline, CBO, Property Maintenance Official (540) 382-6120 X 1152. (964592)