NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BEDFORD COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION Notice is hereby given that the Bedford County Planning Commission will conduct public hearings on Monday, December 16, 2019 at 7:00 pm regarding the following: 1) Zoning ordinance amendment initiated by the Board of Supervisors, and 2) Zoning map amendment (RZ200002) initiated by the Board of Supervisors; 3) Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the Agricultural/Natural Resource Stewardship designation; 4) Amending 30-82-11 for multifamily structure setbacks in the following districts: AV, R-3, C-1, and establishing setbacks for multifamily structures in the R-4 district, specifically, Smith Mountain Lake; and 5) Special Review Project application SRP19-0001 to consider whether a new 195-foot monopole tower ("Wireless Communication Facility" use) for the purpose of broadband internet deployment in Bedford County is substantially in accord with the adopted comprehensive plan of Bedford County. 1. Creation of Airport (A) District includes the following text amendments to Section 30 of the Code of Bedford County: ARTICLE I. - GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 30-7. Establishment of districts. Addition of "Airport" as a zoning district. ARTICLE II. - DEFINTIONS Sec. 30-28. - Definitions. Creation of new definitions for: 1) Snackbar, its purpose is to allow "snackbar" as an accessory use to principal use; 2) Design Aircraft: type of aircraft anticipated at a general aviation facility; 3) Runway, general definition; 4) Runway Design Code: As specified in FAA AC 150/5300-13a (as amended periodically) is based on the design aircraft. It represents a grouping of aircraft based on aircraft approach speed, wingspan, and tail height that is used to recommend runway design standards; 5) Runway Object Free Area (ROFA): an imaginary area centered on the runway centerline that is clear of aboveground objects protruding above the runway centerline, except for allowable objects necessary for air navigation or aircraft ground maneuvering purposes. Structures and public roads are typically not permitted in this area; 6) Runway Protection Zones (RPZ): a trapezoidal area located off the end of the runway that serves to enhance the protection of people and property on the ground in the event an aircraft lands or crashes beyond the runway end. This area does not permit uses that encourage people to congregate. The size of the RPZ depends on the Runway Design Code; and 7) Runway Safety Area (RSA): a rectangular area symmetrical about the runway centerline, which includes the runway and runway shoulders. The portion abutting the edge of the runway shoulders and runway ends is cleared, drained, graded, and usually turfed. Under normal conditions, the runway safety area is capable of supporting snow removal, firefighting, and rescue equipment and of accommodating the occasional passage of aircraft without causing major damage to the aircraft; and 8) amending the existing definition of Aviation Facility-General, by incorporating the terms Runway, Runway Safety Area, Runway Object Free Area, Runway Protection Zone, and general expansion of operational activity in existing definition. ARTICLE III. - DISTRICT REGULATIONS Creation of a new zoning district, "Airport" under Sec. 30-77-7. Creation of a new zoning district, "Airport" under Sec. 30-77-7. Allows any public use aviation facility either publicly or privately owned to operate as by-right uses in this district subject to certain accessory uses in Sec. 30-79, Permitted Uses By District. Secondly, this district also establishes standards for future airports in the County to promote economic development and to provide for an additional means of transportation. Amending Sec. 30-79. - Permitted uses by district. The following proposed uses in the Airport district are by-right with existing design standards: Utility Services (minor), Food Truck, Aviation Facilities General, and Outdoor Gatherings. The following uses require a special use permit: Automobile Rental/ Leasing, Business or Trade Schools, Business Support Services, Industry Type I, Educational Facilities, College/ University, Aviation Facilities, Private. Industry, Type I, Educational Facilities, College/University, and Business or Trade Schools require the presence of public water and sewer. APPENDICES Amending the following Appendices: Amending Appendix A - Site Development Regulations to include Airport district; and amending Appendix F - Areas of Bedford County to reflect the addition of the Airport district and approximate acreage for the district. Affected district AP will be corrected in 2020 as part of an amendment process. 2. Zoning Map Amendment RZ200002 Amending Appendix E - Map of Bedford County Zoning Districts, to reflect the rezoning of certain parcels owned by Liberty University at the New London Airport on 1261 Wheels Drive (Tax Map Numbers 170-A-34, 170-A-30A, 170-3-A1, 170-3-A, 187-A-3A, 187-A-2A, 170-3-B, 170-A-29A, and 170-A-30) from Agricultural/Rural Preserve (AP) to Airport (A). Total acreage is approximately 468 acres. 3. Comprehensive Plan Amendment This amendment affects Agricultural/ Natural Resource Stewardship Areas by acknowledging the potential expansion of the New London Airport. The Determining Factors subsection also acknowledges the potential expansion of the New London Airport. Other changes are found in Chapter 6, Transportation, which amends the existing description of the facility to include future expansion plans, and the Determining Factors subsection also reflects that language. 4. Zoning Text Amendment Removes §30-82-11 (b)(3) regarding rear setbacks and re-establishes the setback for multifamily structures in the AV, R-3,R-4, and C-1 zoning districts. New multifamily structures at Smith Mountain Lake, the rear setback will be measured from the recognized full pond level. Additionally, the principal structure shall be located a minimum of ten (10) feet from the eight-hundred (800) foot contour. Walkways and steps are exempt from rear yard requirements. 5. Special Review Project #SRP19-0001 A request from The Bedford County Broadband Authority for a determination by the Planning Commission pursuant to Virginia Code § 15.2-2232 and Section 30-23 of the Bedford County zoning ordinance to determine whether a new 195-foot monopole tower ("Wireless Communication Facility" use) for the purpose of broadband internet deployment in Bedford County is "substantially in accord with the adopted comprehensive plan" of Bedford County. The proposed site of the tower is located at 1060 Recycle Road (County Landfill), Bedford, Virginia 24523 and further identified as Tax Map Number 183-A-3. The Planning Commission public hearings will be held in the Jefferson Forest High School Auditorium. located near the entrance for the Jefferson Forest High School football stadium, directly across Perrowville Road from the entrance to Forest Elementary School located on Perrowville Road. Please use the Auditorium entrance to attend the public hearing. Copies of the amendments are available for public inspection at the offices of the County Administrator and at the Department of Community Development located in the Bedford County Administration Building, 122 E. Main St., Bedford, VA., telephone 540-586-7616. Persons affected may appear and will be provided opportunity to present their views. (


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