BLACKSBURG — Environmental activists from Germany, who have organized mass mobilizations against coal mining operations in their country, are meeting this week with opponents of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

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RICHMOND — Virginia’s pension fund is in a worse position to handle a market meltdown than it was before the Great Recession more than a decade ago, according to a recent state report. That’s despite a 10-year bull market and pension reform efforts by lawmakers to make the fund more resilient.

BLACKSBURG — Local art supply store Mish Mish will close later this summer, ending a 49-year run as the go-to life preserver for procrastinating art and design students at Virginia Tech.

Q: I applied online for a job I would love to have. Their system required me to submit the salary I’m hoping for, with no way to put in a range or skip the question. I submitted what I thought was a fair wage based on the description of the position, but, frankly, I was flying blind. I could…