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A temporary layoff is announced at Volvo's Dublin plant.

More than 80% of Volvo’s Dublin plant employees have been temporarily laid off due to a work stoppage by United Auto Workers’ union members, according to a company spokesman.

A Mack Trucks power train plant in Hagerstown, Maryland, that supplies engines and transmissions to the Dublin plant is part of the 3,500 UAW-represented employee strikes affecting six plants in three states, according to Volvo spokesman John Mies.

He said the Volvo-owned Mack and the UAW are in the midst of negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. UAW workers began the strike Oct. 12., and Mies said employees were notified last Thursday that production at the Dublin plant would come to a halt Monday if an agreement was not reached.

“This unfortunately resulted in the temporary layoff of about 3,000 NRV employees. We don’t know how long the layoff will last, but we’re taking steps to keep our employees updated as we move forward,” Mies wrote in an email.

The employees receive supplemental unemployment benefits while on layoff, Mies wrote.

He said negotiations with UAW resumed Monday. The Dublin plant in Pulaski County has about 3,500 employees.

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