GE Digital has shuttered its Blacksburg office, company spokeswoman Stacey Yip confirmed this week.

She added via email that there were no layoffs associated with the closure, but she did not answer questions as to what happened to the company’s Blacksburg employees — or how many were affected.

Yip did say via email that the closure was “in relation to real estate consolidation.”

GE Digital, a division of General Electric, has had a significant presence in the region ever since it acquired Roanoke-based Meridium in 2016. It’s unclear if any former Blacksburg employees were offered positions there.

GE Digital said in January 2017 that the former Meridium employed about 150 people. After undertaking “job actions” in April of this year, the company said it would employ more than 100 people in the Roanoke area.

According to Montgomery County real estate tax records, General Electric Company has leased office space inside Blacksburg’s Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center since the 2018 tax year. Meridium previously held a lease in 2008 and 2009.

GE Digital made a big splash in Southwest Virginia when it acquired Meridium, a software provider for industrial customers including oil and gas refineries. The deal valued the local business at $495 million.

GE Digital is in transition mode right now, as its parent company announced plans in 2018 to soon establish a new, standalone digital company. GE Digital’s CEO announced at the time of the announcement that he would step down and a new division chief executive, Pat Byrne, was named in July.

“Pat joins the GE leadership team at a critical time as we execute on our priorities to improve GE’s financial position and strengthen our businesses,” General Electric CEO H. Lawrence Culp Jr. said in a July press release.

The larger organization is also still recovering from headlines earlier this month that a well-known whistleblower accused General Electric of a $38 billion fraud and looming bankruptcy.

GE denied the allegations, but the company’s stock tumbled 10% on the news. It has recovered slightly since then, trading around $8.20 per share Thursday afternoon.

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