Eastman, which manufactures window filming products at two large facilities in Martinsville and Henry County, is expanding its presence in the county, the company announced in a news release.

Eastman is investing $7.7 million to add capacity at its Patriot Centre facilities and expand into the former Stanley Furniture facility in the adjacent Bowles Industrial Park, the release said.

Henry County will contribute a $200,000 grant to Eastman to assist with site development. The grant money is being provided to Henry County by The Harvest Foundation as part of the foundation’s recently announced incentive pool funding program.

Eastman’s announcement said the expansion would allow the company to keep up with growing demand for the performance films, paint protection and window film products made in Henry County by creating additional production space at the company’s warehouse in the Patriot Centre. Eastman is leasing the Stanley building.

Eastman employs 776 people in Henry County. While this expansion will not immediately result in additional positions, company and local officials said in the release that they are confident future job growth is possible.

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