I wanted to share the latest Focus publication by the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, and suggest you bookmark it for future reference.

Association President Sean Connaughton does a decent job in explaining what the concept of "universal health care" means, what is meant by "socialized" medicine, "Medicare for all," and how some other countries handle single-payer systems.

The previous sentence alone contains a number of phrases that can become politically charged. In this piece, Connaughton strips away the politics, offers simplistic explanations and does not load the piece with his association's viewpoint, though he does not shy from saying the association will let its views be known with policymakers. 

It's not the be-all and end-all on the topic, but it is a good primer.

I've attached a pdf. Here's a link to the association's website  as well.

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Luanne Rife writes about the businesses, policies, discoveries and inventions that affect the health of people living in southwestern Virginia.

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