Hall Associates on Tuesday announced Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare has purchased a former architectural firm's building on Franklin Road for $2.9 million.

The building at 1315 Franklin Road in Roanoke was built in 1973 as the headquarters for Hayes, Seay Mattern and Mattern that was acquired by AECOM in 2007.

Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare CEO Debbie Bonniwell said the agency plans to move its child, youth and family services staff once the building is remodeled.

Child and family services will continue to be offered at the agency's Brandon Avenue building until construction is completed later this year.

"We are excited to be able to locate our children’s staff in closer proximity to Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare’s other service locations and to join other human services and healthcare providers in this vital area of the city of Roanoke," she said in an email.

Blue Ridge is the area's public mental health agency.

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Luanne Rife writes about the businesses, policies, discoveries and inventions that affect the health of people living in southwestern Virginia.

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