walmart dale avenue

Walmart on Dale Avenue in Roanoke

Walmart is bringing its direct delivery service for groceries to the Roanoke Valley.

The home delivery option, announced in late August, allows customers to schedule direct delivery of groceries, beauty products, electronics, children’s items and more.

Deliveries can be set up for as soon as the same day the order was placed. The service is now available in parts of Roanoke, Salem and Roanoke County, according to the company’s ordering site.

Eligibility for delivery is determined by zip code, and a fee starting at $7.95 applies. To mark the service’s local debut, customers can get three free deliveries through Jan. 31 using the promo code DELIVERY.

A minimum order requirement of $50 applies to the promotion. Orders can be placed using Walmart’s website or app.

Direct delivery is one of the latest fronts for grocery retailers in the race to stay competitive. In 2018, Walmart announced it would be aggressively expanding its delivery coverage, with a goal of reaching more than 40% of U.S. households by the end of that year alone.

This summer, the national retailer said it was on track to offer same-day delivery service from 1,600 stores by the conclusion of 2019.

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