A new perch for local crafters and makers is now open in downtown Salem.

The Knittin’ Coop made its debut this month with a selection of supplies for knitters, crocheters, spinners and other craftspeople.

Owner Robin Ferguson said she envisioned the shop as both a source of supplies and a community hub where makers can gather to swap ideas and share advice.

“If anybody were to need help on a project, they could come in any time,” she said. “We’ll get them out of a spot if we can.”

Ferguson plans to host classes and is making it a priority to support craftspeople by stocking items from Virginia farms and indie fiber dyers.

An avid creator for years, she named her shop after a blog that she used to run to chronicle her projects and finds.

Sharing the art of creating is something of a family tradition, she said. She first learned knitting as a child at her grandmother’s knee.

“Doing this really reminds me of her,” Ferguson said. “This is a craft that she taught me, and I can keep it going by teaching others.”

The Knittin’ Coop, which can be found at 7 S. College Ave., occupies a 1,900-square-foot storefront next door to Champloo Desserts.

The store is open six days a week and is closed Mondays.

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