Cash Gekko

Cash Gekko, located in Salem at 748 W. Fourth St., offers a place for people to resell unwanted electronics, jewelry and other items.

A new resale store is up and running in the western end of Salem.

The memorably named Cash Gekko offers a place for people to sell electronics, jewelry or other items they may no longer be using.

The shop’s name was picked to stick in people’s memories, said CEO Rob Guthrie.

“We were looking for something that was a bit catchy and that people would remember,” he said.

“We also liked the green element of it. It fit with the recycle and reuse element of what we do.”

Cash Gekko, which launched in the spring, resells the items it purchases through its online outlet,

The sale of its merchandise happens solely online. Its brick-and-mortar storefront — at 748 W. Fourth St. near the Salem Lowe’s — serves people who want to sell items to the shop.

Guthrie said Cash Gekko, which employs a staff of two, works to greet all sellers with a bright and pleasant atmosphere.

Sellers must be over the age of 18 and come prepared with valid ID. Quotes on an item’s value can be done for free at the store.

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