Orvis recently renovated its downtown Roanoke store> It was the first substantial remodel since the location opened in the late 1980s.

A longtime downtown Roanoke retailer specializing in fly fishing gear and sportswear spruced up its store just ahead of the summer season.

Orvis, which has had a footprint in Roanoke for three decades, emptied its storefront for five days to make way for a new sierra stone floor, fishing rod display racks and other updated fixtures.

This is the first substantial remodel for the roughly 2,600-square-foot sales floor since it opened in about 1988, said Jason Williams, director of real estate for the Vermont-based outfitter.

The refresh was spurred, in part, by the success of Roanoke’s downtown revitalization efforts.

“There is a lot of energy in Roanoke,” said Williams, adding that the downtown district is attracting a new excitement and younger demographic.

“So it made sense for us to invest in our retail store there,” he said. “We’ve been in Roanoke for a long time and consider it part of our long-term future.”

The store, located at 19 Campbell Ave., debuted its new look June 22. The sierra stone now lining the floor is designed to mimic the look of pebbles lining the bottom of a riverbed.

Roanoke has one of the longest-running Orvis retail locations. The region is also home to an outlet store and Orvis’ sole distribution center.

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