A popular restaurant and bakery in Roanoke’s Old Southwest neighborhood has updated its name and refreshed its look.

A community staple in Old Southwest has changed up its name and refreshed its look.

Wildflour Restaurant & Bakery, located at 1212 Fourth St. S.W., is now Evie’s Bistro & Bakery.

The new moniker is inspired by the restaurant’s longtime owner, Evie Edman, who for decades has guided the dishes and cake recipes that have made the cafe a draw.

The name change coincides with the creation of a new website for the eatery and new paint and other touches to update the look of the approximately 75-seat dining room.

“It’s been a really positive, forward direction,” said Edman.

The changes won’t be disorientating for customers, she added. The menu, for example, features a few new dishes but the team took care to preserve the neighborhood favorites.

And anyone missing something from the prior menu need only ask. “We’ll get it for them,” Edman said.

Revamping the name has the benefit of eliminating confusion with the Wildflour Cafe at Towers. That restaurant, located at Towers Shopping Center, was the original Wildflour first opened by Edman and a partner nearly three decades ago.

At one point, the restaurant spanned three locations, but two were sold over the years. Wildflour Cafe at Towers was purchased by the family behind On the Rise bakery but kept the eatery’s original name.

The restaurant in Old Southwest, which opened its doors about 27 years ago, continued to be helmed by Edman.

But the dual Wildflours could get customers turned around, she noted, and the time seemed right to debut a new name.

“We’ve always been a neighborhood bistro and bakery, which is a really nice thing,” she said.

Other additional touches are still planned for the restaurant. Edman hopes to add a bakery counter to streamline things for customers popping in to pick up cakes and pastries. And the restaurant will be spotlighting new recipes on its rotating list of daily specials.

Evie’s Bistro & Bakery is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays.

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