Kroger shoppers may have noticed that the grocer began adding a small fee for its cash-back service.

Customers who get between $1 and $100 cash back will be charged 50 cents, while the fee rises to $3.50 for more than $100. The cash-back service has a $300 limit, according to Allison McGee, spokeswoman for Kroger's Mid-Atlantic region.

"Given the millions of cash back transactions we process every year, we can no longer cover the increasing costs of processing fees waged against us," she said in a statement.

McGee said Kroger offers a higher cash-back limit than its competitors. The program is designed to be a cheaper alternative to ATM fees and provide a safe and convenient way to withdraw cash, she said.

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Casey Fabris covers business for The Roanoke Times, where she has been a reporter since 2015. Previously, Casey covered Franklin County.

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