Falafel House

The Falafel House, located on Grandin Road, is aiming to open its doors this month.

A Grandin Village restaurant is changing hands with plans to reopen under a new name this month.

The Falafel House, a restaurant offering a menu of Arabic and Greek specialties, is taking over the spot previously occupied by Bethlehem 2, an offshoot of the popular Bethlehem Restaurant & Grocery on Williamson Road.

Co-owner Medo Abudan said his family was offered the chance to buy the business and is in the process of renovating the space at 1329 Grandin Road, next door to the CoLab.

The family included the word "house" in the new name because they plan to serve up the same type of home-cooked dishes that they make for friends in their own kitchens, he said.

“This is our type of food,” Abudan said. “So we understand how to do it and how to make exactly what people like.”

The revamped restaurant will be able to seat about 30 customers and includes an outdoor dining area.

The eatery aims to open its doors in mid-September. Abudan said the neighborhood has been very welcoming, and he hopes to take part in neighborhood events.

“We’re just so excited,” he said. “We think it will be really good.”

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