Franklin Restaurant

The Franklin Restaurant, a Rocky Mount mainstay, has moved into a new location at 17890 U.S. 220.

A restaurant that has been a Franklin County mainstay for 60 years is setting up shop at a new location.

The Franklin Restaurant, which serves up a menu featuring steaks, barbecue and seafood, moved into a new space in Rocky Mount, at 17890 U.S. 220, about two miles south of its old home base.

The move was spurred by the sale of its prior location. The restaurant went dark from April until late May while the owners decided on a new address.

The new location, formerly a seafood eatery called The Sea Captain, offers nearly twice as much dining room space as the restaurant's previous home, said general manager Mike Furber.

The Franklin Restaurant expanded its staff to about 25, up from about 15, by hiring much of the Sea Captain’s former crew.

The new dining room can seat about 200, and Furber said business has been brisk. The restaurant has set multiple new sales records for itself since its grand reopening.

“We’ve been blessed,” Furber said. “I think a lot of people missed us.”

The Franklin Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with a diverse menu for diners. “Something for everybody,” Furber said.

The dining destination is adding onto its seafood menu to continue offering some fan favorites from the seafood restaurant.

The Franklin Restaurant is currently closed Tuesdays but is otherwise observing the same hours as before.

Furber said the team is grateful for the community’s continued support and is looking forward to the next 60 years.

“We plan on staying here for a very long time,” he said.

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