I'm so into Halloween that I'm actually a member of a Facebook haunters group.

And late this past summer, when stores were just beginning to display their Halloween goodies, one member of the group raved about Home Depot.

Specifically, Home Depot's Fire & Ice lights, which work both indoors and out.

These were the same lights that were selling out at Spirit stores last year.

Haunters love them because they have such impact: You can effortlessly drape your house with magical swirls of light in different colors.

These LED lights work best projected onto light colors, so if you have a white-painted porch or wall, you'll see dramatic results.

I use two red lights to look like flames behind one of my witches.

Spirit sells these lights for about $30 each.

But at Home Depot, you can get them for $20. As of Wednesday, there were still some Halloween versions available (in red/yellow and purple/orange) in stores around town.

Go to Home Depot's Christmas section to find an even bigger display of Lightshow Projection Kaleidoscope lights in blue, white, red, green and multicolor. I picked up a green version to shine behind another one of my Halloween witches and a multicolored light for my candy/gingerbread display in December.

You can check to see what's available at your favorite store — and see video demonstrations — at Home Depot's website.

Lowe's carries similar Gemmy brand projector lights for $20, but there were none available in most Roanoke-area stores, according to lowes.com.

Walmart.com indicated Halloween lights were out of stock, too.

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