The MVP has been running half-page ads in local newspapers. A recent ad (June 24 and 28) entitled "Let's Focus on our Ecosystem" included descriptions of the various methods of pipeline construction across wetlands and bodies of water.

According to MVP's Resource Reports No. 1 and No. 2, as recorded by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, MVP proposes 102 water-body crossings in Franklin County using only the Open Cut Crossing method, which is the least expensive and most devastating construction method because of sedimentation, contamination and turbidity possibilities.

Sedimentation, pollution from equipment spills and turbidity will threaten the water supply for the Town of Rocky Mount (from the Blackwater River) as well as Smith Mountain Lake.

I wonder why MVP bothers to mention all these wetland and water-body crossing construction methods in its advertising when it intends to use only the least expensive and most destructive method? It makes me wonder what else it's telling us that isn't true.