I’ve decided it’s time to add my two cents to the pipeline discussion. Yes, I am for it — and I live in Montgomery County.

Go ahead and shake your fists and your heads at me, but I do believe in free enterprise and making use of our God-given natural resources, which were put here for our use — in many ways.

I believe in progress that is well thought out and adheres to regulations for the protection of our people and our communities, but that does not mean that the answer is always no.

Pipelines have been around for a long time and criss-cross our nation through just about every state; they are all over Virginia and we drive over and across them constantly without ever knowing it.

Yes, some people will have their land disturbed during the construction phase, but it will be returned to normal at the end and the owners will still be able to use the land as before, albeit without building a structure over the top of it.

MVP is in the process of trying to survey land to determine if it is usable for its purpose, but many landowners are fighting them and not allowing them on the property.

If they would, they could point out the particular areas of concern and, in a rational manner, have a discussion with surveyors about the reasons their land isn’t right for the stated purpose. But sadly, too many don’t want to be rational about the subject.

FERC is the professional body that ultimately will make the decision. It's been doing it for decades and knows that the safety of the pipeline to both people and the environment is the most important thing. I am going to trust it to do its job and hope that it approves the MVP.