What part of the word "karst" do Mountain Valley Pipeline propagandists not understand?

In their paid advertisement, "Let's Talk about Protecting our Ecosystems" on June 24, they assure us that water testing before and after the construction of the pipeline within 150 feet of it will do the job. In a karst typography, that's "sellin' a pig in a poke."

My small acreage in the Catawba Valley boasts many sinkholes marking underground flows. In the bad old days of ignorance, folks used sinkholes as garbage dumps, contaminating waters down range in all sorts of unpredictable directions on account of the underground maze.

Cleaning up such sites is a major contemporary responsibility of landowners who know better now, if they would do to others as they would have done to them.

Can we expect corporate interests to follow the Golden Rule? Those paid advertisements sure want to sound neighborly.

No one living around here can live without well water. Since we, whose lives are most directly affected by construction of the proposed pipeline, have evidently been shorn of our property rights by laws favoring corporate interests (and paid for by corporate lobbying, just like these advertisements), we need legal guarantees of corporate liability for our entire water system in the karst — far beyond the stingy and deceptive figure of 150 feet.

If love of neighbor won't lead them, let the law force them to be responsible. Are you listening, legislators?