Unfortunately, I can’t attend the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors’ work session on the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline on Nov. 5. Several months earlier, I’d made plans to attend a conference for work.

Regardless, I know my colleagues and fellow citizens will use this opportunity to ask the necessary questions of EQT/Nextera about this proposed project, and I hope EQT/Nextera will offer direct answers to these questions.

I’d like to know where precisely they intend this pipeline to go in Montgomery County. Then, could it be moved, particularly in the face of legitimate environmental and (most important) safety concerns? Can they provide a detailed safety record related to their work on these pipelines?

I’m deeply skeptical about this project. At the local level, however, the board of supervisors is limited by both federal and state law as to what it can do.

I urge my fellow citizens to reach out directly to EQT/Nextera, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and our federal representatives (Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, and Rep. Morgan Griffith) to let them know of our concerns and urge them to join the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors in advocating alongside our citizens.


Montgomery County Board of Supervisors

District G