Citizens in Roanoke County and adjacent counties have many reasons to oppose EQT’s proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline. The potential impact on water is a large concern both for local wells and the Spring Hollow Reservoir, since the pipeline is projected to be near it.

Additional concerns are that EQT has numerous lawsuits against it, both for non-payment to landowners for gas and for water pollution.

A major concern that was pointed out by columnist Dan Casey of The Roanoke Times ("Planned pipeline all about exports," Oct. 26) is that this pipeline appears to be strictly for exporting gas to other countries.

There are several things that people who oppose the pipeline can do.

Landowners should refuse to let surveyors for EQT on their land and should not sign anything from EQT without consulting a lawyer. If funds are an issue, some lawyers will work on a contingency basis.

Appalachian Mountain Advocates is a group of lawyers who have assisted communities with gas pipeline issues. They have a website — — that has information regarding the rights of landowners.

Another step is to write Gov. Terry McAuliffe, our representatives in Congress and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding the harm this pipeline will do and the lack of benefits to anyone but the corporations.