Whether they know it or not, opponents of the Mountain Valley Pipeline project are playing pure partisan, anti-capitalism politics.

Fossil fuels provide the energy that literally keeps the world alive. The alternatives that those against it offer are suspect at best, and subversive at worst. Wind mills and solar panels cannot even put a dent in our energy requirements, and they both depend upon the very weather that their proponents claim is so fragile.

The hypocrisy is magnified when they then say that it is OK to kill birds, including hundreds of eagles annually, with wind mills because they die from other causes anyway. The rest of us have to abide by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

It is fine to bulldoze and install solar panels on desert acreage, but if a private landowner wants to modify his own property, he'd better not kill one single desert lizard in the process.

There are three types of anti-fossil fuel climate activists: the big government elitists who use it as an excuse to grow government, pile on more taxes and pay off their contributors; the climatologists in academia who receive large grants and nonprofit compensation to give credibility to the cause; and the portion of the general population who actually believe the propaganda and go to anti-pipeline meetings.

A recent letter writer used as his authority, one such climatologist, Dr. Jeff Masters, one of the founders of the Weather Underground.

The Weather Underground was founded at the University of Michigan and was given the same name by the founders as the radical left-wing group from the 1960s. They claim that their choice of the name was merely tongue-in-cheek. You be the judge.