It was 3:30 a.m. and I couldn't sleep. I had gone to the Mountain Valley Pipeline community open house at the Harvester performance center that night. I was amazed with what big money can do.

I observed up to 30 young people representing the Mountain Valley Pipeline, all with big smiles, greeting people and trying to act official. There was plenty of free food and drinks for everyone.

When I asked to see a topographical map showing how the pipeline crossed over Franklin County, the answer was always ahhhh, we don’t have one, but we do have aerial views. (Only people with perfect 20-20 vision could read the name of roads.)

It was very clear that the Mountain Valley Pipeline does not want the people of Franklin County to know what a horrible, ugly scar the pipeline will make all along the top of the Cahas Mountain Range.

Cahas Mountain is the highest point in Franklin County and can be seen from Smith Mountain Lake to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The pipeline will cut a long continuous scar along the peaks of the mountain that will not heal.

Yes, the pipeline will be buried, but the huge amount of damage done during construction and the permanent visible path of the pipeline will forever change the majestic beauty of our pristine mountain range.

The pipeline will affect the lives of all of us. It will do lasting environmental damage, support fracking, pose safety risks, devalue properties, deface and spoil the natural beauty of our mountains. Future generations will say what a shame and disgrace that we let this happen.

God is not making any new untouched mountains anymore.