I concur with Bob Egbert’s Nov. 19 letter ("Pipeline foe? Cut energy use") that we all should use less energy, turn it off or down and keep it small.

Two years ago, I foamed my basement and my attic. This summer, I put in solar panels during the Solarize Project promoted in Blacksburg. I now live a net zero electrical use life, so I feel I have the right to grump about the pipeline in my back yard.

If the pipeline construction, with its heavy machinery, compacts the ground and dynamiting becomes necessary because of the rock shelves, it will damage the sensitive karst topography. This type of damage could leave those on well water without potable water for our livestock and us. Does Egbert eat beef?

If the pipeline leaks it will affect my aquifer and the aquifer downstream that feeds the Roanoke Valley. If the pipeline blows up, I’ll be dead, so will my neighbors, and everyone who depends on the AEP power line, Roanoke and Salem, will be without power for how long? Weeks?

There is no upside to this pipeline for Virginians. EQT/NextEra transports the gas, but another company that owns the gas sells the product to the highest bidder, probably Europe or China. Company representatives stated at the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors meeting that there are no “stop offs” along their planned route to Pittsylvania County.

So this pipeline is for company revenue (profit) and not for the good of Virginia.

Additionally, I have not heard in the news that several large companies looking to locate in the Roanoke or New River Valley chose not to do so because they would not have natural gas to run their machines.

Focusing on living smarter/smaller and renewable energy is the only way forward.