As part of the required monthly paperwork filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, some questionable relations appeared in the recent report released by EQT and Nextera, partners in Equitrans Midstreams Partnership, LLC (EQM), which wants to build and operate the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline.

In the report under the Government and Non-Government Stakeholder Communications table on Nov. 17, representatives from the EQT cohort had an in-person meeting with Sen. Tim Kaine. On Nov. 18, they met with Sen. Mark Warner and twice that day with Rep. Morgan Griffith. EQT representatives also met with legislative assistants for Reps. Bob Goodlatte and Robert Hurt and with Mark Brunner, a Warner adviser.

According to, Nextera Energy Resources was a contributor to Griffith’s recent campaign also has contributed to Warner, to name two.

How can we expect our elected representatives to truly represent the needs of Virginians when they are being financed and lobbied by interests associated with the fracking industry? Can we believe that the residents of this state are being heard when we say “No fracking transmission pipelines”?

If anyone does the math of the purported revenue return to Virginia, based on information provided by MVP on its website,, Virginians would be sold out for an over-inflated $2.10 per capita for two years and then 4 cents each year after that — oh, for maybe 20 years. Yes, folks, 4 cents per year.

Do the math and connect the dots; don’t allow beautiful Virginia to be sold out. We citizens and our beautiful state are worth a whole lot more. Stand up against fracking, gas transmission pipelines and the environmental nightmare they will bring to our state.