Let’s examine the advertisement posted by Mountain Valley Pipeline in The Roanoke Times last week (June 24 and 28). I will pull statements from the article and discuss them.

“MVP plans to identify drinking-water wells located within 150 feet of the pipeline and work with landowners to establish water quality benchmarks prior to construction.”

EQT (major partner of MVP) has had numerous court cases involving water pollution. One is a $4.5 million lawsuit, with more than $1 million in fines for water contamination issues in Pennsylvania.

“MVP engineers will seek to minimize potential impacts by utilizing reasonable [stream] crossing procedures.”

In MVP’s resource report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, they plan horizontal directional drilling only once in the entire pipeline path. All other water crossings will be open-cut crossing. This method is the cheapest, most damaging ! way to install a pipeline.

“Topography will be graded to ... be compatible with surrounding drainage patterns, except at locations where permanent changes in drainage are required.”

The biggest permanent drainage pattern change will stretch almost 300 continuous miles. The pipeline will cause a french drain effect with water percolating to the bottom of the trench for the pipe. If a spring or well happens to be fed by water that will have an easier path down the pipeline trench, that well or spring may dry up.

“Most vegetation will be replaced by seeding.”

Trees and shrubs in the 75-foot easement can never be replanted because roots could damage the pipe. Is an area that was once woodlands be restored without the planting of trees?

"Our goals are to restore the local habitat and waterways along the pipeline route to their condition prior to construction, and where possible enhance that habitat.”

MVP’s plan involves scraping away all the topsoil, trenching through rivers, and destroying all vegetation, which will massively disturb or kill off species living in the pipeline route. How can this destruction be restored to its original condition?

“The safety of our communities, ... will always remain a top priority.”

Where was this priority when surveyors for MVP set a property in Franklin County on fire?

Take advertisements by MVP with a grain of salt.